Just a city girl..living in a London World

For a few years now a few of my closest friends have said that I should be documenting my life in a blog. I have hesitated to do this for the simple reason of being too busy all of the time.

Today while feeling a bit homesick I thought it would be the perfect time to start this project. I can’t promise that I will become a regular blogger but I will try my best to update at least every few months after new vacations.

One of the things that I am asked most about when returning to Canada is what the differences are and how I enjoy living in the UK. I am also always asked “Why would you move there!?”. The answer is that I have always wanted to come here because my great grandfather was from Liverpool and my great grandmother was from a small village called Clovenfords (just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland).  I have been able to visit both and it is such a cool experience to see where your family came from.

When I first arrived even to hear the expressions that have been passed along was great. My grandpa would often call me a “little nincompoop” while being silly as a toddler and my toy box at their house always had Paddington Bear, two things that I had no idea originated in England before moving here.

To keep this short and sweet, I will do a “TOP 5” for differences that I have experienced:

#1 Day to Day Language

In England there are so many hilarious slang words that I had never heard before. I am also at a point where I really miss Canadian slang and when I go back in the summer as we hang out in the backyard tossing a frisbee while playing ‘KanJam’ I often just listen to my friends and ask them to say certain things again as I haven’t heard them in so long.

A couple of examples:

Pants= Underwear

Are you alright? = How are you?


#2 Driving

I have only drove a couple of times in the UK and I find it extremely scary! I am fine with the left side of the road and also the steering wheel on the opposite side (as weird as it is!) but I can not handle big round-a-bouts. My friend took me out to practise and he had no idea that I could use such colourful language while scared haha


#3 Dating

Without getting too personal, I will give you a general opinion of the experience overall. Men in England can be a bit shy when it comes to asking a woman out. In my experience the men who do approach and move quickly with dinners and dates often end up being very unstable here, have a gf already and I find out before it gets too serious or are trying to date many women at the same time and are not really looking for a family life. I also find the men here dress up in ways that no Canadian man would ever be caught dead in lol (tight pants, tight dress shirts, belts and matching shoes and matching watch bands etc). Nothing wrong with that but just not what I’m used to seeing and so that takes some adjustments.


#4 Education System

Again, without going in to fine details just to give you an idea, the education system is quite different. I feel that if Canada and England came together we could create the perfect system. In England, I find the main issues are school community (not as prominent), data/standardized practices and the training that teachers receive here is very different from home. We are very lucky to have the school experience that we have had.

#5 Pub Life

I truly enjoy the pub experience here, at home it can be more of a ‘go get wasted’ atmosphere and here its more of a meeting place for family and friends. Rather than a bar, you feel as if you are in someones home (if you are in an authentic old fashioned pub). The beers on tap that we would pay a lot for back home are cheaper and delish! You get to meet people from all over Europe and indulge in sports/news from the UK in sports pubs. Different from our massive chains back home and I love that!

Thank you for reading, more blogs and vlogs to come in the future.

Keep travelling and learning!

Just a girl who is…Addicted to the Travel Life